Do you need a multifunction printer or a photocopier?

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In the printing industry, photocopiers are not as commercialized as they were in the past. In fact, the growth of multifunction printers caused the fact that photocopiers were no longer necessary for many users because of functions offered by printers such as copie, scan and fax functions. But is the photocopier really an obsolete product? What types of businesses still need it?


The differences between a multifunction printer and a photocopier

Several elements make it possible to differentiate a multifunction printer from a photocopier. First, the size of the printer is much smaller than the copier size since a photocopier offers a larger input paper capacity. The photocopier therefore has several paper trays built in its basic models, while a printer has one or two. Additional paper trays can be added to the printer.

Secondly, a multifunction printer does not usually have the capacity to use ledger paper size, an 11 "x 17" (27.94 cm x 43.18 cm) paper size, in its basic models. Copiers allow the use of multiple paper sizes including the ledger format in its basic models.

Thirdly, photocopiers offer finishing options that allow users to staple their documents, assembly and punch them, which a multifunction printer can not offer.

Last, the price of photocopier ink is much cheaper than printer ink cartridges. If we compare original products in both cases, we notice that the operation costs are much cheaper in the long run for the photocopier compared to the printer.

Despite all the efficient features that multifunction printers offer, photocopiers still have multiple additional functions that multifunction printers can not offer.


Types of businesses that need photocopiers

Many companies nowadays can work very well with a printer or a multifunctional printer because they do not need the extra features that a photocopier offers. However, there are still companies operating in certain sectors of activity that must equip themselves with equipment that meets their printing needs. There are several companies in the banking, government, tax and legal sectors that needs to use photocopiers. We notice that the education and retail sectors also need to equip themselves with photocopiers. With the right equipment, companies in these industries can continue to operate without compromising the functionality of their equipment.

In addition, photocopier rental options allow businesses to source equipment at reasonable cost, that including ink, on site technical service, repair and parts. For companies that require this type of equipment or who operate in the different sectors listed above, it is advantageous to opt for the purchase or the rental of a photocopier in order to take advantage of the features offered without compromising the use, this, at an affordable price.

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