The true cost of the HP Instant Ink subscription

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With the purchase of a printer comes the inevitable purchase of ink cartridges. We now know that these are sometimes expensive and that we have to evaluate the price of the cartridges when buying a printer. HP, a manufacturer of inkjet and laser printers, now offers to their customers the HP Instant Ink subscription. This subscription allows customers to receive their ink cartridges delivered directly to their home when needed. The operation is simple: the printer detects the impending lack of ink and automatically informs HP, which sends the necessary ink cartridges to the customers. Customers can choose between four plans based on their monthly print volume, which ranges from 0.00$/month to 10.99$/month, according to the HP Canada official website.


The HP Instant Ink strategy

By launching this new service, HP increases customer loyalty without them even realizing it. Indeed, customers do not need to displace to buy ink, order online and most importantly, they do not need to shop at different distributors. In addition, it ensures HP that these customers will not buy compatible cartridges from these competitors, while differentiating themselves from the competition.


The true HP Instant Ink cost 

To get started with HP Instant Ink, you need to register on the official HP website by choosing the printer to register. Subsequently, you will have to choose between the following plans: 


Free printing plan: 15 pages/month (additional pages are billed at 0.125$ each)

Occasional printing plan: 50 pages/month at $ 3.99 (additional pages are billed at 0.083$ each)

Moderate print plan: 100 pages/month at 5.99$ (additional pages are billed at 0.063$ each)

Frequent printing plan: 300 pages/month at 10.99$ (additional pages are charged at 0.050$ each)


It is important to note that the free print plan is not available for all printers. We can also see that the plans include only a certain number of copies per month, and this number is not high. Most regular monthly volume businesses print an equivalent of 500 copies per month. Larger companies can print up to 2000 copies per month. Of course, these volumes are for companies that print several documents and invoices. You can still notice that HP Instant Ink plans do not include a lot of copies per month. In addition, the cost per copy is very high. We will take the CF283A cartridge to demonstrate the difference between the plans cost per copy and compatible cartridge cost per copy:


Plans cost per copy: from 0.050$ to 0.083$

Cost per copy of the compatible CF283A cartridge: 39.70$ ÷ 1500 pages = 0.026$


It can be seen that customers who opt for these plans pay up to 4 times the price per copy when they subscribe or order original supplies. This does not allow them to buy cartridges sometimes original and sometimes compatible according to their budget. Before subscribing to any of HP's Instant Ink plans, customers and businesses must understand the costs associated with the subscription to make the best decision based on their needs.

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