What are the advantages of leasing printing equipment?

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For businesses like yours, printing equipment is relatively expensive and can be a big part of your monthly spend budget. It is for this reason that companies in the printing sector offer more and more options to their customers so that they can equip their offices with quality equipment while respecting their budget. Several advantages are offered to SMEs and large companies when they decide to lease printers or photocopiers.


Leasing printing equipment: an affordable price

When companies opt for a lease of printers or photocopiers, they commit to equal monthly payments for one year or more. Often, companies are offered a lease term of one year to 4 years. These monthly payments allow businesses to have printing equipment that meets their needs without a starting amount. Moreover, in most cases, the interest rates of these leases are low, which further encourages companies to opt for this acquisition option.


Leasing printing equipment: On site technical service

Equipment leasing companies often provide onsite technical service by certified technicians in their rental agreements. This helps to avoid equipment defects and allows users to have a printer or copier working at all times. In addition, companies can place an unlimited number of service calls needed to repair their equipment. There is no limit to the level of onsite service in this type of agreement. The company that leases the equipment must respect its commitments to their customers and must provide them with quality service in reasonable time so that their printers and photocopiers are available at all times for users.


Leasing printing equipment: Ink cartridges, toner and parts

Of course, companies also include ink cartridges, toner and parts when renting photocopiers or printers, as this has been incorporated into the price offered. In most cases, the price of consumables included in the lease price is lower than when these products are sold separately: you pay less for your consumables. The parts needed to repair your photocopier or printer are also included in the rental agreements. The technician is therefore responsible for communicating the information to your equipment supplier so that the necessary parts are changed.


Leasing printing equipment: no surprises

Since everything is included in equipment lease, companies like yours have no surprises when it comes to repairing the printer or photocopier or ordering toner cartridges and parts. A simple call to your equipment supplier perfectly suits to solve your technical problem or satisfy your need for supplies!

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