Service and warranty

All Premium Tone, Eco Tone and Premium Tape products come with a one year replacement warranty against malfunctions or manufacturing defects.

All Premium Ink products come with a free one year replacement warranty against malfunctions or manufacturing defects on compatible products and 6 months on remanufactured cartridges.

All Eco Ink products come with a free 6 months replacement warranty against malfunctions or manufacturing defects.

FPC guarantees that under normal use, an ink cartridge or drum cannot damage or break the devices that use them. In the event of a cartridge causing damage to a device, despite our rigorous controls, we will assume the cost of repairs to the extent that we have been advised by the customer before such repair is performed. If necessary, FPC will make arrangements to dispatch a qualified technician.

Our manufacturers of compatible products can and will not guarantee the replacement of defective cartridges related to firmware update on printers because they have no control over what the OEM companies will do.

So, FPC commits to replace any cartridge affected by a firmware upgrade as long as the cartridge was purchased within 4 months preceding the OEM manufacturer’s announcement and it is found to be causing the error on the compatible cartridge.

Any other situation will be evaluated on an individual basis by our management team.

For all original products such as OEM ink cartridges, printers and photocopiers, FPC offers a 30-day warranty upon the purchase of the products. After the 30-day warranty offered by FPC, the manufacturer's warranty applies. This does not apply to rented Ricoh copiers, as we offer a free extended warranty upon rental of these products.

We offer unparalleled customer service that can help you with your technical problems and warranties. Our qualified agents with many years of experience are available to our customers to answer their questions.

  • Efficient and fast online chat
  • Fast and courteous service
  • Assistance from 8am to 6pm every day of the week
  • Fully bilingual agents

In addition, when our customers purchase supplies and equipment at FPC, the on-site technical service is included with their purchases. When they require technical assistance, a certified technician is dispatched on site to repair their equipment.


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